CH2/337/9 p30: ‘Gone to America’

1. Aug[us]t 18th Robert Napier to this Date gone to America
2. Elizabeth Macnaer till Whitsunday last
3. 22nd Alexander Taylor to this Date
4. 24 Robert Anderson to this Date and Bethia
5. Grasset his Wife for two years recommended Airth
6. 5th Sept[embe]r Robert Johnstown to this Date and his
7. Wife from her Marriage with him.
8. 18th Sept[embe]r James Thomson to this Date
9. Oct[obe]r Anne Hardie, having satisfied for fornication
10. 24 Marg[ar]et Bow to Whitsunday 1773
11. Nov[embe]r Robert Macnure from Mart[inma]ss 1773 to 1774
12. John Marshall from Martinmass last.