Viola Stirling Nature Diary: 13 Aug 1920

Have you ever seen a weasel? The tiny mustelid is often very hard to spot but you may see one dart across fields and paths. The problem is that by the time you think you have spotted one…they are gone!

You are most likely to find a weasel whilst out for a walk in the countryside. Viola, however, had the rare experience of spotting one on Snowdon Place in Stirling! She sums up the experience very aptly by writing ‘What business it had in the middle of the town I don’t know’.

Weasels are incredible animals. They are an extremely quick and agile predator. They are smaller than stoats but can easily be confused for one.

Weasels recently gained worldwide attention for one of the most astonishing wildlife pictures in recent memory.  Photographer Marin Le-May captured this photograph of a weasel attacking a Green Woodpecker.


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Aug. 13th 6.00 p.m. Snowdon Place, Stirling

Saw a weasel running wildly up and down the

pavement and then dissappear under a garden gate.

What business it had in the middle of the town

I don’t know.