Viola Stirling’s Nature Diary – 29 Jul 1922


It’s not often something frightens Viola Stirling but an animal spooks her in her next diary entry: a Goldcrest! Viola describes their call as being a ‘very shrill short metallic sound, uttered insistently.’ Have a listen to the video below and see if you agree with Viola.

Later that day Viola spots a Redstart. Redstarts are summer migrants but you can easily recognise them due to their bright orange tails. They are here from April to September so you have not got long if you are looking to spot one!



July 29th Gartinstarry Garden 12.30 p.m.

A gold crest flew on to a pea stake close to my head

and uttered its cry, so sharply that I jumped

and frightened it away. The cry if a very shrill

short metallic sound, uttered insistently.

3.30 Woods.

Saw & heard young wrens, & heard the mother

bird scolding in the distance. Saw redstart.