Christmas Countdown: Victorian Christmas cards

These interesting cards are held by the Council Archives as part of the lovely collection of papers of the Stirling family of Gargunnock.

Victorians did send some traditional cards with snow scenes and religious themes. Stranger to our current taste in festive greetings cards are some of the images that adorn the cards that were sent in the nineteenth century.

Flowers were a popular motif.

However, dandelions do appear to be a rather odd choice and are not something you would find on a floral card today.

Animals are popular although again, some of the settings and motifs are a little eccentric to our eyes.

Some are just strange.

And even the traditional motifs can appear rather sinister. These two look as if they would mug you for a fat ball!

A very Merry Christmas to you all and every good wish for 2018. Do come in to the Archives in the New Year and we will do our best to help you with any research interests that you may have.

Watch out for more blog posts in the coming year.