Thomas Graham’s Diary – 28-29th October 1939

As wear near the end of October, Thomas responds to the comments published by the Imperial Policy Group. The Imperial Policy Group were a group of Conservative MP’s and the objectives of the group were reported in the Glasgow Herald on 20th August 1935.

The paper reported that the aim of the group was ‘the adoption of a far reaching Imperial policy’ that took best advantage of ‘the favourable conditions created by the last four years’ play of sound finance’. Ultimately they intended to make the ‘Unionist Party Imperially minded in everything it undertakes’.

Thomas believes that views of the group are ‘interesting’ and that it is a ‘strong corrective against the wishful thinking rampant in even the best of the press about Russia’.

The following day, Thomas and Cecil visit Robby Maconachie and his wife at Arntomy. This house was located in Port of Menteith parish. The visit proved an amusing diversion for Thomas given the current state affairs in the world.
He returned to his pessimistic outlook at the end of the entry by remarking that ‘It is pathetic how little the young ones realise what is coming’.