The execution of Baird and Hardie – publicity

This letter, written on the 6th September 1820, two days before the execution, is to William Galbraith from John Wright of the Glasgow Chronicle, asking that he be secured a good position from which to watch the execution so that he can write an accurate report. Various newspapers from across Scotland attended the spectacle and wrote detailed reports for their avid readers.

John Wright to William Galbraith, 6th September 1820


As I flatter myself that you are a subscriber to the Glasgow Chronicle I have taken the liberty of requesting your influence to procure the bearer who is our Reporter a proper place where he may witness the proceedings as well before as at the execution of these poor men on Friday.

I shall on Saturday forward you a copy.

I am very respectfully

Your humble and obedient servant

John Wright


Glasgow 6 Sept. 1820