Off The Page 2021 – Countryside excursions

The Council Archives has some lovely images of people enjoying the countryside of this beautiful part of Scotland as part of our holdings. As the Off The Page Book Festival is focussing on the joys of the great outdoors this year, we thought we would take this as an opportunity to share some of them with you on our blog.

As well as ramblers, we hold some lovely photographs of people out on their bikes from the early days of pedal power.

The village of Killin was the host for a series of International Society conferences in the 1950s. Delegates attended from all over the world. In their spare time, they were encouraged to get out and about and sample typical activities of the local area. This included walking in the beautiful hills surrounding the village. The expressions of those in the two parties suggest that they were having fun enjoying the fresh air and exercise.

The Archives has lots of beautiful photographs of the local area. Visit our website to find out how to come and visit us.

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