“A perpetual state of honeymoon” – snapshots from a Victorian marriage – 9th March 1867

There is just one letter surviving in the bundle for 9th March 1867, and that is one from Malcolm to Helen. Most of the letter is devoted to the subject of how they are to save money with regard to the various housing options open to them. This is something that most people will be able to relate to – working out what money is available and how best to spend it.

‘I am not strongly in favour of any course as yet as what we gain in one way we lose in another. I must now say goodbye, my own pet. Let me hear what you think of the Lochearnhead plan & particularly what you make of the financial aspect.’

Throughout the letters, Malcolm sends his wife his workings out of figures and asks for her opinions on various issues to do with their finances and the possibilities offered by various properties. It is clear that they have a very close relationship in which parity of opinion is valued.