Balfron High School Magazines, 1928 – 1942

A recent donation to the archives was a collection of Balfron High School magazines dating from 1928 – 1942 (A2069). Produced by pupils at the school, the magazines provide a unique insight into the events and activities that occurred at the school along with short stories and poems authored by the pupils.

After previously being a Higher Grade School, the school became ‘Balfron High School’ in 1925. A magazine was produced shortly after this date with earliest one held here dating from 1928.

As with most school magazines of this time, there is notable wit and humorous short stories sprinkled throughout with pupils using aliases if they ever strayed slightly off course.

School sports are also represented with football, hockey and netball teams featured. Pupils and teachers are often named in the photographs.

Although infrequent, the photographs do provide a unique insight into the life of pupils at the time. A notable example from the magazine shows pupils and teachers in the lunch room in 1935.