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We have car parking spaces in front of our building, however, if you wish to walk or take the bus please see directions below.

We are about a 15 minute walk from Stirling railway station. On leaving the station turn left and cross the tracks using the pedestrian footbridge. This leads you onto Forthside Way. Follow this path/cycleway away from the town centre until you see Whitehouse Road on your right taking you into the Springkerse Estate. Borrowmeadow Road is then your first left.

Alternatively, you can catch the Springkerse Park & Ride bus (P1) from the bus station. Take this as far as the Peak (sports centre) and walk back to take the left turn onto Whitehouse Road. Borrowmeadow Road is then your first left.

42 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Looking for information and/or photographs about the school for trades in Redding Falkirk?

    Would the Pre 1975 county council archives hold anything about this school?

  2. Hello I am trying to find information regarding the stay of my father who was a solder in the Polish Army during the Second World War.In his belonging I also found a member ship card of the Scottish Polish Society
    The number of this member ship card is 8527 and his name was Franciszeck Korzeniewski.
    I hope you can tell me more

  3. Hi , I live in Canada so am not able to come to your archives. However I was thrilled to find my ancestor on your Poor Relief applications index for St Ninians and I was wondering if it was possible to get any more information on this from the minutes or application books. Her name was Margaret Paterson , 2nd surname Kerr, a widow from Bannockburn and she applied on 5 July 1854. I believe her husband William may have died in June of that year but as it’s too soon for civil registration it’s difficult to check. I believe she may also have applied on 6 Dec 1854 and her mother Janet Paterson residence Govan on 2 Jan 1856.I would be so grateful for any information regarding these 2 women.
    Many thanks ,

    1. Hi Jan,

      Thank your for enquiry. I have sent you a e-mail with information conerning the applications for poor relief by Margaret and Janet.


      Stirling Archives

  4. I would be most grateful if you could supply any further information on my family listed in the St Ninians Minute Book of the Parochial Board 1846-1856:
    ‘Elizabeth Taylor (Affleck) widow 4 December 1850 (Stirling)’
    There is also an entry for a ‘Taylor (widow) 4 September 1850 living at Craigs and I know that Elizabeth Taylor was living at Craigs in 1851’.
    Any information you may have would be most interesting.
    Many thanks.

  5. hi i am looking for any imformation on mary wallace who died 1913 in the poorhouse stirling mary was also listed on the 1911 census as living there at the time
    also my g grandad john preston who died in stirling poorhouse 1911 and his daughter maryann preston died 1910 would love to find their burial place their normal place of residency was Alloa clackmannanshire
    i am also looking for any imformation on an elizabeth ford who was declared insane at Alloa court and sent to larbert asylum 1892 where she later died in 1897 any help is appreciated

    1. Dear Catrina,

      Thank you for your comment.

      We have sent you an e-mail regarding your enquiry.


      Stirling Archives

      1. Hi thank you for your quick reply, Mary Wallace, John Preston, and Mary Ann Preston all died in the poorhouse as paupers I have checked both cemetery burials in alloa they are not listed as being buried in any of them so I assume any pauper deaths in Stirling poorhouse would have a pauper burial in Stirling is there anyway I can find out where they would be buried which church yard were the poorhouse pauper deaths taken too thanks Catrina

    1. Hi Kellie,
      Thank you for your comment. I will send you an email from our Archives address with some information about how to undertake family history research.

      Best regards, Stirling Archives

  6. I was born in Stirling in 1946 and attended Raploch Primary School from 1951 till 1953 then transferred to St.Ninians Primary School from 1953 till 1959. On the death of my mother in 1965 I lost all my old school photographs and would dearly love to see them again if possible. How can I find out if they are available and obtain relevant copies?

  7. Hi,

    Im am researching my grandfather who served in the Royal Navy WW2. Patrick Mccaffery, which then emigrated to Australia.
    He was born in Plean stirling, 1921. would you have any photos of soldiers who went away to war from plean stirling?

  8. I am looking for information about my father Neil. Carroll-who died
    In1966. and I believe is buried in Stirlingshire .I think he died in hospital he would be a person who would not have worked in a long time and he was Irish born in Co Donegal
    Regards S Doogan

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Thank you for your comment. I will look into this for you and contact you directly at your email address. I will be in touch very soon.

      Stirling Archives.

  9. I am looking for anything on my fathers brother Jack Wright who drowned as a child in the river Forth circa 1910-1920

    1. Thank you for your comment on our blog Angela. Before we can help you with your enquiry, you will need to give us a date for the death of Jack Wright so that we can look in local newspapers to see if there was any report of his death. You can either contact the local Registrar in Stirling and ask for a search for his death certificate: –,-marriage-and-death/contact-us

      or you can search for this yourself on the Scotland’s People website: –

      When you have the date, you can contact us again and we will search for information for you. Just email us at: –

      I hope that this is helpful to you.

      Best wishes,

      Stirling Archives.

  10. Hi
    As a child I attended Muirlands Primary School, Carron Valley. I was wondering if there are any photos from this school.

    1. Hi Janet.

      Thank you for your comment.

      I have replied directly to you regarding your enquiry.


      Stirling Archives

  11. I was a child in Mar Lodge Children Home and would like to see the list of the names of the children between 1946 till 1248 is this possible from your council aschives

    1. Hi Sheila,
      I am afraid that unless the record relates to you personally, we cannot show you records from the Mar Lodge Home that might relate to living individuals because of Data Protection legislation. You would be very welcome to comne in and see your own record though.

      Best wishes,

      Stirling Archives

  12. Hi there,

    I am trying to obtain information on my great uncle, John Coyne, who is believed to have drowned in the Forth in the summer of 1921.


  13. Neil, just to confirm our ‘phone conversation of earlier this afternoon.

    It concerned the burial site(s) of any, or all, of the 3 members of the Campbell family who died in Milton of Campsie 1890-1891. They all came over from Ireland circa 1869, were of the R.C. faith, arriving in Balfron and eventually Campsie via Lennoxtown.

    They were:-

    Margaret Campbell, died 20/1/1890 at Craighead, Milton of Campsie,aged 61,

    Margaret Campbell (daughter), died 6/1/1891, also at Craighead, aged 29.

    Terrence Campbell (husband of Marg. aged 61), died 9/4/1891 at Blue Row, M of C, aged 67.

    I can find no record of them in cemeteries close to Campsie and suspect they may be in pauper graves.

    Any assistance or suggestions would be appreciated.

    Regards, John Russell

  14. Good day,

    Have read the featured letter of Lieutenant John Murray, 78th Foot, dated 20 Oct. 1757, on your website; thank you for making it available. Wondering if you have any additional correspondence from other soldiers in the regiment? Documents from any of these men are very difficult to locate.

    1. Dear Mr Campbell, thank you for your comment on our blog. This letter comes from family papers rather than papers relating specifically to military matters. There may be other letters from soldiers in the 18th century in some of our other family and estate papers, you would have to visit the Archives and look through the catalogues to ascertain this. You are very welcome to visit the Archives to do this. I hope this is helpful.
      Stirling Archives

  15. Any information regarding my father would be appreciated, on August 22nd 1929 he was registered for Kippen poor relief,his name was Stewart Auchinvole Brown,dob 14/06/1905 born in Glasgow,many thanks Margaret McAvoy

  16. Dear Archive,

    My great, great grandfather, William Mcfarlane, a shoemaker, was born in Campsie parish, Stirlingshire, between 1816 and 1820 (probably 1818?) and died on 8 December 1877 in the City Poorhouse, Glasgow. (His parents were William Mcfarlane, born 1774, East Sallachy Farm, Buchanan; baptised: 12 October 1774, Buchanan, died, after 1820 and Janet (or Jean) Yuill (various spellings), baptised: 25 May 1779, Killearn, who were married in 1800 at Killearn)
    William’s 2nd wife was my great grandmother: Catherine (b. Morrison) from Tarbert, Argyllshire, born c. 1830 and died 13 January 1872 in Glasgow. My great grandfather, Donald Mcfarlane, their son, born at Greenock, 17 February 1862, died 18 November 1948 at Gargunnock, was, according to my father, boarded out to the Minister of Gargunnock Kirk by the Glasgow Poor Law Authorities. Would you have any Information about 1) William’s exact date of birth, 2) Donald’s boarding out? I would be most grateful as I am unable to visit Stirling. Yours, Donald MacFarlane

  17. Hi Archives.
    I’m looking to find a list of Stirling Councillors from the late 1800’s as I believe that my great great grandfather was one. His name was James Johnston Thomson. Thanks.


    Crawford Cook

  18. Hello,
    I am looking for evidence of a marriage between Isabella Park & William Stewart in Callender around 8th September 1947. The marriage most likely took place in a Catholic church. The Scotland People’s site has an entry for a marriage but I cannot request a certificate while they’re shutdown due to COVID-19. I’d like to understand if there are any records in the Stirling Archive related to this marriage.
    ~Many Thanks!

  19. Hello, I have a photograph of a parade with horses pulling decorated carts and flags flying from the carts, and from Windows in Barnton Street where there is also decorative bunting. The flags are mainly Union Jacks but there is one that looks like an ensign. The parade is about to pass the County Buildings Fountain heading in a northerly direction. The fashions would appear to be very early 20th century. The streets are lined with onlookers.

    Do you have any idea what the occasion would have been? I believe my grandfather might have been with the second horse and cart. He had a butcher’s business in town. Thank you!

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