Cambuskenneth Lease 1562

PD189 Adam Erskine, Commendator of the Abbey of Cambuskenneth to Duncan Nairn, lease for 19 years of a teind of the Lands of Torbrex and the Lands of Greysteel 18th January 1562
1. Be it kend till all men be tir present le[tter]s We Adame commendatur of the abbay of cambuskyneth and co[n]vent thairof chep
2. tourlie gaderit the utilite and profeit of our said abbay being alwayis considart and forsene To haif Set and for ferme or the preis thairof underwrittin
3. Lattin And be the tennor theirof Settis and for ferme or the priceis thairof underwritten Lattis To ane hono[u]rable man duncane Narne his arris & assignars
4. ane or ma All and hail our teind schavis of the Landis of torbrekis and graysteill Land w[ith]in the schirefdom of stirling q[uhi]lk the said du[n]cane is pr[esen]tlie of the said teind
5. schavis in possessioun ffor all the spar dayis and termes of Nyntene yeris nixt and Immediatlie following the fast of vitsoneday nixttoc[o]me In the yeir of
6. god Jm vt threscor & thra yeris Quhylk feast salbe the said duncanis his arris and asignais forsaidis Entra in ane to the teind schavis of the forsaidis
7. Landis w[i]t[h] the pertine[n]tis And fra thyne furth[er] to Indura and be peciabye Joysit be thaim gadderit collectit Intromettit usit and disponit ay and quhill the saidis
8. Nyntene yeris be fullelie and to giddir compleit and outru[n]nyne With all and sundrie co[m]moditeis fredomis asiame[n]tis and ry[ch]tteouss p[er]tine[n]tis fulie quietlie
9. weill and peace but ony venocatroun Impediment or agane calling quhatsumevir Payand thairfoir yeirlie the said du[n]cane his arris & assignars
10. forsaidis To we our successors chalmerlainis or factors in our name for the teind schevis of the saidis Landis of torbrekis twa bollis meill ane boll beir And for
11. the teind schavis of the saidis Landis of graysteyll thre bollis meill thre firlottis beir Or ellis for ilk boll of the saidis meill and beir [f]orsaid the Sowme of thretteine
12. s[hillings] four pe[n]nynis money of this realme The quhilk We reserwe be the te[n]nor heirof to the optioun and plesur[e] of the said du[n]cane his arris or assignais extending in the
13. hail to the sowme of four lib ten s[hillings] money forsaid At tua termes in the yeir vitsunday and indtimes in winter be equall portions alanerlie And We
14. forsuith the com[m]endator and co[n]vent of the said abbay and our Successors hir present tak and assidatioun of all and hail the teind schavis of the forsaidis
15. Landis of torbrekas and greysteill Land as said is during the said space of Nyntene yeiris To the said duncane his arris and assignais forsaidis In all and
16. be all thingis as is above writtin Sall warrand acquiet & defend lelelie and trewlie but fraud or gile as Law will In witness of the quhilk thing
17. to thir present l[ette]rs of tak Subscrivit W[i]t[h] our handis the co[m]mowne seill of our said abbay is affixit at Striveling cambuskynetht [unreadable word] the xviii [unreadable word] dayes
18. [unreadable word] of Januar the yeir of god Im Vr threscor & tua yeirs Before thir witness in the nyntithe [unreadable word] andro hary george sempell [unreadable word] to the said [unreadable word] james abercromby
19. james gardner burgess of striveling andro, alexander & William

Various names given as witnesses often appended with the phrase ‘with my hand’ to indicate a signature.