Oath of Allegiance, 1734

We do Sincerely Promise and Swear that we will be faithfull and bear true alleagance to his Majesty King George the Second. So help us God.
Da: Nicoll Clerk George Hendersone Con Ro: Wingate Provost
Murdoch King Counr Will. Maiben Baillie
Duncan Nairn Tho. Blaikader Con Andrew Millar Baillie
John Erskine Deacon Ja; Alexander Ballie
William Oliphant Deacon James Jaffray Bailie
William Barklay Deacon Will: Allan DG
Robert Stivnson Deacon Ja: Littlejon Conr
John Gilfillan Dacon John Gibb Counseler
James Lyon d Andrew Muirhead Conlr
James Stivenson Tresurer
James Mitchell Consor
Robert Brukes Conr

We do in the Sincerity of our hearts assent acknowledge and declare that his Majestie King George the Second is the only lawfull and entitled Sovereign of this realm as well de jure that is of right King as de facto, that is in the possession and exercise of the government and therefore we do Sincerely Promise and Engage That we will with heart and hand life and goods maintain and defend his Majesties state and government against the pretended Prince of Wales now taking upon him the title of King of this Realm and his adherents and all other enemies who either by open or secret attempts Shall disturb or disquiet his Majesty in the possession and exercise thereof. So help us God.
Da: Nicoll Clerk Tho Blaikader Con Ro: Wingate Provost
Duncan Nairn John Erskine Deacon Will: Maiben Bailie
William Oliphant Deacon Andrew Millar Baillie
William Barklay Deacon Ja: Alexander Ballie
Robert Stivnson Deacon James Jaffray Baillie
John Gilfillan Dacon Will: Allan DG
James Lyon d Ja: Littlejohn Conlr
John Gibb Counseler
Andrew Muirhead Conlr
James Stivenson Treasurere
James Mitchell Conser
Robert Brukes Conr
George Henderson Con:
Murdoch King Counr