Holy Rude Kirk Session minutes, 15th December 1597

At Stirling the XV day day of December 1597
The Eldarship of the kirk being conveinit

Admonitione to be gevin befair the nixt Ministratione of the Sacrament

The present assemblie findis their hes bein great misordur
amongis the pepill of this Congregatione at the last Minis
tratione of the Lords Supper In rash and sudden cuming to the
tabill, In spilling of the Wyne, and in thrusting and shout
ing in their passage out at the kirk dur aftir the Minis
tratione And thairfore thinks meit that this misordur
be remeberit befair the nixt Ministratione of that Sacra
ment And that the pepill be admonishit to use
thame selfis mair reverentlie