Holy Rude Kirk Session minutes, 1621

1. The q[uhi]lk day david hairt Prenteis to Gilbert banhop
2. Wry[ch]t confest
3. P[ro]phanatioune of the sabbot in playing at the goff in the park on
4. The sabbot aftir none in tyme of preaching And th[er]fore is orderint
5. to pay as pios usus vi s[hillings] viii d And henrie
6. Finlasone tailyur
7. Is betu[r] cautionant &severlie that the said david sall abstain fra the
8. Lyk fault in tymes cu[m]ing undir the paine of xi s[hillings]
9. 1 henrie finlasone w[i]t[h] my hand at the pen of
10. the nott undirwritin
11. Ita test[ibus] Jacobus dunce[n]son no[ta]rius in permiss
12. requisitus teste manu p[ro]pria JDuncansone