Our Lady and St Ninian Church, Bannockburn

On Sunday 13th November 1927, Our Lady and St Ninian Church opened in Bannockburn. The building took two years to construct, with the original plans being approved on 17th April 1925 by Thomas Lupton, the Stirling County Council Central District Clerk.

The architect of the church was Archibald MacPherson. Born in 1851, MacPherson crafted the plans for the church shortly before his death.

MacPherson was born in Edinburgh and practised in the city for all of his career. His early success was the design of St Aloysius College in Glasgow, which is still open today. The majority of his work, however, concerned the design or alterations to Roman Catholic churches in Scotland.

Our Lady and St Ninian Church would be one of Macpherson’s last designs. The plans were drawn in 1925 and MacPherson died two years later on Christmas Day in 1927, shortly after the Church had opened.

The church cost £8000 to build and was described in Stilling Journal as being of ‘free Gothic Style and of Cruciform design’. The church could accommodate 700 people and the interior was constructed of “granite grey brick with a vaulted roof of pine wood”.

The church also has a connection with the Murray of Polmaise family. The high altar and seats were donated by John Murray, who then resided in London.

Several local trades were involved in the construction of the church. A photograph from our collection shows, and details the names of those involved.

The church was blessed and opened by Rev. Dr Henry G. Graham, Bishop Auxiliary of the Diocese of Edinburgh.