Viola Stirling’s Nature Diary: 5th-27th January 1921

A short entry by Viola finds her encounter snowdrops, red deer and grouse. The grouse that Viola spots are either Red Grouse or Black Grouse.

You will most likely recognise Red Grouse from their appearance on a famous whisky bottle. They have a very distinctive red wattle, although it’s not as distinctive as the Black Grouse.

Black Grouse have traditional lek sites where they will perform their famous displays. Their striking white under tail feathers are shown as they jostle with other males. A Black Grouse lek only occurs from April to May so you haven’t got long if you are trying to spot one!

Transcript, p. 16

5th Jan. 1921 Touch House 3.30 pm

First snowdrop brought in very early this year.

27 Jan Near Loch Maule 2.50

Saw the red deer again among the trees. Also

three coveys of grouse on the moor. Very wild.