Viola Stirling’s Nature Diary – 26 Apr 1928

A quick note before we begin. Although it appears we have jumped back in time and missed this diary entry…we haven’t! We are just following the order the entries appear in her journal.  

Viola resorts to stealth in her next diary as she recalls a close encounter with a squirrel.

When trying to spot wildlife it pays to be quiet and still. Viola heeds this advice as squirrel was ambling near her stables. She describes the brief encounter in the transcript below. Our favourite part is when she said the squirrel probably mistook her for a tree! ‘Hardly complimentary’ was Viola’s retort.



By freezing stiff at sight of a squirrel perambulating

before the stables, got it to pass me within about six feet.

Probably took me for a tree: hardly complimentary but satis-

-fying to get one so close. Spring weather brought it out I