Christmas Countdown: Christmas Parties

It is the week before Christmas so we are going to post every day this week for our traditional Archives Christmas Countdown.

Most people will be attending works ‘dos’, nativity plays and other celebrations this week. We have some lovely photographs of similar occasions in the past at the Archives. Some of these photographs have been shared with the Archives as part of our ‘Re:Collections’ oral history and reminscence project.

This lovely photograph of the Christmas party held in Cowie for some of its older residents was shared with the Archives by staff at Cowie Library.

This photograph is held by the Archives as part of the collection of Police records that we care for. It shows former police staff and their spouses enjoying a Christmas meal at Police Headquarters at Randolphfield in Stirling.

This Christmas party for the children of local travelling people was held by Central Regional Council staff at Clackmannan Town Hall in 1981.