Gargunnock School evacuees, 1939-1945

In October 2017 we explored our Stirling County Council Government Evacuation Scheme records as part of our ‘document of the month’ feature. Click here to see this post.

We mentioned in that post around 175,000 people were evacuated during the first month of the scheme in 1939. This included 62,000 unaccompanied children and 99,000 children and their mothers.

Due to the enormity of the scheme it can be very difficult to trace the specific address that child evacuees were sent to. For those who experienced the scheme, many will have a recollection of where they were sent but might not remember specifically where.

School records can help with tracking down where evacuees were relocated. You’re most likely to find information through two specific records: log books and admission registers. Both records, however, do have their limitations.

School log books are valuable as they often provide information on where and when evacuees arrived at the school.  A running total of evacuees in the school is often recorded. Unfortunately it is rare for log books to specifically name children who arrived at the school.

Admission registers provide detailed information about when a pupil was admitted to the school. They may also record when a pupil left the school and provide additional information such as their address and parents’ name.

Unfortunately it was rare for a school to add evacuees to the admission register. This example from Gargunnock School, however, proves that it did occur. All the evacuees in the register have been marked with red ink.

The admission register provides the following valuable information about evacuees:

  • Name
  • Date of admission
  • Date of birth
  • Where they were staying with in the area
  • Who they were staying with
  • Where they had come from

This is a rare and invaluable source of information. Although this level of detail doesn’t exist for every school it always worth consulting the records just be sure!


2 thoughts on “Gargunnock School evacuees, 1939-1945

  1. By pure, happy, chance, in November 2017, via my website, via his brother in Australia, I came into contact with an old chap in a nursing home in Glasgow, who had been an evacuee to Gargunnock in 1939 and who had stayed in the home of my Uncle and Aunt during the war years. That resulted in a visit to the Archives to inspect the above fascinating documents. Although physically frail, Billy Walker is mentally sharp as a tack and very entertaining to listen to providing much new information for my history archive and an article in our local village magazine plus a new found friend and friends.

    1. Hi John,

      Thank you very much for sharing this with us. This is fascinating!
      We hope to see you in the Archives again soon.

      With best wishes,
      Stirling Archives.

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