Rose Maria’s Party, Callander, 1957

These delightful photographs of a birthday party group are held at the Archives as part of the Archibald MacLaren photographic collection.

It is not clear whether this photograph is of Archie’s daughter but certainly the photographs were taken in the photographer’s house as you can see his lights and equipment in the room with the children.

The photographs are informal and relaxed and it is clear that the birthday girl and her friends are having a wonderful time.

If anyone knows more about the people in these photographs, do contact us and let us know.


One thought on “Rose Maria’s Party, Callander, 1957

  1. It definately is Annabel Little at the front. I was a good friend of hers. I think one of the boys at the back is Duncan Gowan , also I think is Katherine Lindsey beside Frances Park.

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