Thomas Graham’s Diary – 11th February 1939

In 1939, Liddell Hart was a military correspondent for the ‘The Times’ newspaper. Thomas Graham viewed Hart as far too pessimistic in his outlook on the war due to his tendency to focus on defence rather than aggression. Responding to the articles written by Hart, Graham writes ‘What this writer should do is take all this as read and explain what is to be done to WIN!’

Hart volunteered for the British Army in 1914 and would serve with them until 1927. He was injured multiple times during the World War I. In 1915, he was injured by a shell burst and sent home. After returning the front in 1916, he was shot multiple times at the Battle of the Somme and then gassed.

After retiring from the army in 1927 due to health problems, Hart began writing as a military correspondent for the Daily Telegraph and The Times newspapers. He also helped Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain prepare schemes for reorganising the British Army.