Thomas Graham’s Diary – 15th August 1939

A short entry from Thomas focuses on the increasing European tensions as war draws closer. Thomas remarks that the current position in Europe is a ‘wearisome thing’ and that there is no ‘slackening in the tension’.

Thomas then proceeds to further analyse the hypocritical actions of Hitler. He writes that Hitler wants ‘no war…provided of course he is allowed to take what he pleases from other nations!’ Unbeknown to Thomas, Germany and the Soviet Union had begun to discuss the possibility of a non-aggression pact.

Thomas finishes by noting that the BBC were continuing to broadcast Goebbels’s ‘muck’ propaganda. For those in Germany, the control of propaganda by the Nazi party was staggering. By 1939 they owned 69% of the newspapers.

Radios were also sold cheaply so the majority of Germans would have one in their household. The radios could only be tuned to the Nazi station and by 1939 70% of households in Germany had one.