Dr Lucas Diary June 1815

June 1815
15 Bonaparte left Paris and went to the Netherlands, joined his army and attacked the Prussians at or near Charleroy, and succeded in driving them back but Duke Wellington next day advanced with the British, attacked the French early on the morning and after hard fighting repulsed them.

17 The Battle was renewed again next day (17), the French were again defeated with great loss there being upwards of 60,000 killed wounded and taken besides a great number of Cannon.

18 The Fight was renewed on the 18, during all these actions Bonaparte commanded the French and Duke Wellington the Allies assisted by Blucher the Prussian General. The French made severall desperate Charges but were always repulsed, at last Wellington charged the French, routed them with very great Slaughter pursued them till dark and took 210 pieces of Cannon, the loss is great on both sides, few prisoners were taken, as it appears that little quarter was given on either Side.

22 The losses in the battle of the 18 has been great. The French seem to be completely defeated, their loss amounts at least to 40,000 Killed wounded and prisoners. They appear to have had above 130,000 men in the battle, the Duke of Wellington including Allies had not above 90,000 to oppose them, the Allies have lost 10,000 in Killed and wounded.
Wrote Mr George Mackie of Liverpool relative to Walter.
The weather Fine and warm.
A party of the 91 Reg passed through from Perth to Glasgow, and

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