Viola Stirling’s Nature Diary: 23 Nov 1919

It’s a Sunday afternoon and Viola is back at Touch House again. The Archives’ Stirling of Gargunnock (PD100) collection includes some photos of Touch House and the grounds. The photos were taken in 1920, so help to paint a picture of the surroundings Viola was exploring.

This diary entry speaks of a seagull scaring the hens who were sitting on a green at Touch House.

Although a short diary entry, it reveals Viola’s aptitude to look at things from the animal or bird’s point of view. The seagull may not have been much of a predator for the hens to worry about, but she expects they are primed to duck for cover from the more usual threat of birds of prey.

Touch House is far from the coast but it isn’t unusual to see gulls inland. According to the RSPB: “Large numbers of some gull species move inland in winter, roosting on lakes and reservoirs, and feeding on farm fields and refuse tips.”


Nov 23rd 1919 Touch House 1.20 pm

A large seagull flew over a green where a

number of hens were sitting. On percieving the bird

they imediatly took cover amid squawks of fright.

I suppose it was the old instinct of taking cover

from a hawk or eagle.