Viola Stirling’s Nature Diary – 12 August 1922

As we continue through August, Viola observes a meeting of two very different animals: the wren and brown rat.

Viola witnessed the actions of six fledgling wrens in her previous diary entry. It is quite possible that the wrens she observes here are the same birds.

As the wrens are examining a rhododendron bush, a young rat appears from its burrow. The two animals exchange a glance and continue on with their day.

Viola is no stranger to rats. In her one of her previous diary entries she notes that she had shot a rat and that the corpse had been eaten the next day…by rats! Thankfully this entry is a little less gruesome.


Aug 12th Gartinstarry 3.30 p.m.

Four young wrens came and flew about

among the rhododendrons above the rats

holes. A young rat came out and sat up

wondering apparently what they were, and

a wren sidled down a trunk to look at

the rat. When they had inspected each

other the rat ran away.