First Stirlingshire Scouts Photographs 1920s and 1930s

This week’s post for the Year of Young People 2018 focusses on the Scouting movement in Stirling.

The Council Archives holds the records of the 1st Stirlingshire Scout troop dating from the 1920s. There are a number of wonderful photographs in this collection showing local scouts involved in various activities. Here is a selection from the collection. Note that some of the photographs have been hand-tinted to give colour to clothes and neck ties.

Three photographs showing the ‘First Pack’ in 1920, helpfully giving the names of everyone shown.

Unfortunately, this photograph is undated and also slightly damaged. It shows a group of Scouts involved in fire-fighting drill in a yard at the back of a building, possibly in the 1920s.

A lovely photograph of the Cub Scouts with their parents from June 1923.

Some wonderful images of Scouts learning to make a ‘bender’ shelter at their training ground at Viewforth in June 1923.

The whole Scout troop is shown, with names given, from 1924.

This photograph shows a group of Scouts in fancy dress on their vehicle for the parade at the Craigforth Grand Fete on 20th June 1931.

These boys were assembled at Menstrie and Stirling Scouts Church Parade at Blairlogie on 25th April 1937.

The ‘Rover Crew’ – young people of both sexes in a ‘concert party’ of music and sketches in April 1937.

The Scout Hall on Queen Street in Stirling.



2 thoughts on “First Stirlingshire Scouts Photographs 1920s and 1930s

  1. I believe the fire-fighting photo was probably taken at Viewforth House garages as the Scout Troop often had activities there.
    the 1924 picture has Major F.M. Crum sitting in the middle. He is also seated in the Stirling & Menstrie Scout pictures.
    There are several well-known locals from the early to mid-twentieth century in the various pictures who are now, sadly, long departed.

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