Thomas Graham’s Diary – 20th September 1939

As we move through September, Thomas is not impressed with Hitler’s latest speech. He remarks that the speech in Danzig was the ‘kind of speech an inky schoolboy might have made’.

Of concern to Thomas was that Hitler announced the possession ‘of some power present unknown’. Thomas theorised that this could a new gas bomb, submarine or air power. It could also have been a hint that ‘Russia and Italy and Japan may be brought in against us’.

Petrol rationing had also just hit Rednock House. They were being limited to 6 gallons a month whilst Redknock was using at least 18 gallons a week. This would confine Thomas to the house as his arthritis means he ‘cannot cycle or walk long distances’.

For Thomas, a proper disarmament of Germany was not undertaken after WW1. Germany was allowed to form a new air force because of ‘pernicious pacifists’.

Thomas’ attention again turns to Hitler’s ‘secret’ weapon, the speech undoubtedly having an effect on him. He questions whether it could a bacterial weapon, which could poison water supplies. He remarks that the effects would be horrible for big cities like London.