Opening of Doune Primary School, 1969

At Stirling Council Archives we are currently re-cataloguing our school records to make them more accessible to users and researchers. This has given us the chance to re-examine the school records that played an important role in a school’s history. Our document of the month for May concerns the opening of Doune Primary School in 1969.

On Wednesday 26th March 1969, Doune Primary School was formally opened by Major D. C. Bowser, C.B.E and Justice of the Peace, of Argaty and King’s Lundies. The new school cost £80,000 and had been open to pupils since the 27th January. The building was constructed by P. F. Collier and Son of Callander with the main plaster and cement work carried out by W. D. Cameron of Doune.

The former Primary school was located on Moray Street and moved to its new location at Castlehill Court, where the school still resides today.

The photograph of the opening shows some the major faces of Doune Burgh and Perth County Council. Standing in the photograph is Major D. C. Bowser who was Chairman of the County of Perth and Chairman of the Joint County Council. In his speech, Major Bowser stated that ‘Education is not all book learning…it is vital that children also learn such things as discipline, obedience, respect and consideration for others’.

Mr C. W. Masson had been the headmaster at Doune Primary school since 1966. In his speech, he stated that ‘There was a school in Doune in 1653…and it is recorded that the headmaster received £30. Salaries were poor even then’.

As part of the opening of the school, Doune Castle Football Club presented a football strip to the school and ex-Provost Hugh Campbell had donated an overhead projector in memory of his father who was a former pupil of the school.

Reading from left to right the photographs shows W.D Cameron, builder in Doune; C. W. Mason, Headmaster of Doune Primary; Mrs L. B. Young; J. C. Dougall Esq, Chairman of the Education Committee; Major D. C. Bowser; J. Rentoul, Chairman of the local Education Sub-Committee; Mrs Bowser; W. R. Watt, Provost of Doune; and Mrs J. C. Dougall.