‘My Wee Book Of…’ – 40th anniversary workshop, Central Library

On Wednesday 11th November, Stirling Archives hosted a workshop with leading Scottish printmaker and artist Hugh Bryden. Held at Central Library in Stirling, the workshop was run with the library’s ‘Chatterbooks’ children’s reading group.

The aim of the workshop was for the group to create their own ‘wee books’ inspired by some of the volumes featured in our ’40 items on our 40th year’ blog posts. This included the earliest surviving presbytery minute book in Scotland, the Protocol Book of James Darrow, the Vagabond Book and the Schoolmaster’s Commonplace book.

Prepared and raring to go after an introduction by Hugh and Assistant Archivist Neil Dickson, the group were challenged with creating their own ‘wee books’. Intricate folds and a steady hand were required for the group to create their books.  The group, however, excelled at creating their ‘wee books’ and managed to create 3-4 books each in total.

The final task was to decide what to put in their wee books! Some decided to include animals as seen in the Vagabond Book, whilst others put in their favourite songs as seen in the Schoolmaster’s Commonplace book. The event was a great success with the group (and staff!) proudly taking home their ‘wee books’ to show their families!